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Outside Money Buys Nunn Primary Election


Last night should have been an opportunity for Democrats in Georgia to pick a nominee who represents their values and stands by the issues important for them. Unfortunately for Democrats in Georgia, DC Democrats like Harry Reid (D-NV) and liberal super PACs like EMILY’s List dumped so much money into this race they single-handedly purchased Nunn’s Democratic nomination last night.  So even though she refused to attend all but one debate and won’t give a straight answer on anything – even something as straightforward as whether she would have supported Obamacare – she bought the election for herself with gobs of out-of-state money.

That’s not just bad news for Democrats in Georgia, it’s bad news for all Georgia voters.  As Nunn continues to fill her campaign war chest with outside money, it just makes her more and more beholden to liberal outside groups that support Obamacare, want to raise taxes, and take away your guns.  And if she’s elected to Washington, she will be nothing more than a rubber stamp for Obama’s liberal agenda.


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